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it told me to make a iron sword. so i switch to sword, (says sword at the top) grab the iron, put it in the furnace, go put the stick on the table, and the furnace pops out an axe blade and it ended my 6 streak and it was set to sword

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this game is so good but there is alot of things i dont like.. 

1. the ingots doesn't cook fast.

2. the customers are the same shape and face.

3. sword and axe and spear only doesn't make sense.. where is the bow or the great sword.

4. the game is over if the customer don't get their item in 60 sec.

5. there should be a war meter that tell if the enemy is winning or not.

Keep Up The Good Work!

how do i get it to run?????

hewo i cant play it watsoever duhhh HALP somebady HALP OOF

Played a bit of this on my channel! 

I just watched it :D Great video!

And as i can see you found me a one bug xD

So after hammering a metal you were supposed to dip your blade that you made, into that barrel right next to that anvil xD

So the bug is that you weren't supposed to be able to craft while that blade is still warm xD

Ill try to fix it later

Haha, whoops. I knew the barrels was one of the steps at the beginning but after it worked without it I totally forgot about it. Glad I could be of some assistance, at least! :P