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I did this game(DEMO) in under a week with one friend. Full game is still in development and it will have more places then this DEMO version.


As you were exploring an abandoned city you fell into a hole where you found one unlocked door that is leading to a bunker. You've heard very loud screams and found out that this place is haunted by "The Reck"... He can hear your heartbeat and everything you do, so be very careful! The only way to leave this place is to climb up a ladder which is located in the Hall. The main Hall door is blocked with big heavy rocks!

Can you stay alive and complete all Bunker puzzles to leave this place as soon as possible?

Your main thing to do is to find a trap door key but as far as i know it's inside the Safe which is locked with code... To get this code you'll need to find a key that's leading to Statue Room where you can put 3 symbols and open the big vault door there you must cut one wire (be careful you can trigger the alarm if you get it wrong) but before cutting you'll need to activate power with secret code which is written on a paper and hidden somewhere. Finally big metal door will open and there you can find your Safe code... BE CAREFUL HE CAN BE BEHIND YOU ANYTIME!!!


- Hide your Lantern. (This will save your fuel)

LMB - Interact with stuff. (Pickup Stuff, pull pictures down, unlock/open doors, etc...)

RMB - Put paper down.

G - Drop items.

Shift - Run

ESC - Go back to Main Menu


Support/Donate: (OPTIONAL, but if you do so thanks because i can pay this months rent XD <3)


If you want to support me you can always donate and you'll be listed below as a donator ^^

Thanks <3



- LordofNope - $15 -

- Chainsaw Princess - $10 -

- Karchy - $4 -



The Reck.rar 30 MB

Development log


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Fun and atmospheric game! The monster was especially terrifying with its form and it's way of movement. Although I did come across a few issues, it was still a memorable game to play!

Attached I have my playthrough of the game! (If you're interested in checking out my experiences with it...) The game starts at (11:13)...If you don't watch the video, STILL TRY THE GAME! THE EXPERIENCE IS WORK IT! :D

Nice game! Good creepy atmosphere.

cool game!

Gave it a go, feels pretty classic to some older indie horrors

Made a video

It's really really good game!!!

ES un juego muy bueno, y me dejó sin palabras.  woooooow espectacular!!!

Hi Devs! had to make a video about your game. I't not much, I'm not good at it at least .. haha

Buen juego, pero me he liado mucho

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Just donated for your game, Can't wait to see what you accomplish

Stressing not to stress is hard.

Monster gets a 10/10 that being said I had a couple issues with the game which i mention at the end of the video.  This shows a lot of promise and I can't wait to see the finished product!

p.s just saw your comment on the video! thanks for watching! hope you enjoyed and noted that the cutscene was audio only :)

Really like the design but not a huge fan of the way the enemy patrols, then vanishes, then appears silently. Seemed to get caught a few times due to the enemy randomly appearing. It's got a very clear Amnesia influenced style and the level design seems solid. Looking forward to the full release.

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Man, this game is difficult and I had to lookup how to get into the statue room.I kept missing the key. Over all it's pretty good.

The Reck is a great game! I had my doubts at first to be honest the visuals sometimes kill it for me.  The game does have a good atmospheric presence and The Reck did get the jump on me good the 2nd time around. While on the subject why is he called the Reck and, not The Wreck? Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for this feedback <3 And this game is called "The Reck" because it's the monsters name. ^^

Loved your demo Luka! It was pretty damn stressful at times but it was really fun to keep on playing :) I think I came very close to the ending though :s please let me know! ;)


"I just couldn't keep away. It felt like there was something missing, something left undone...'There is always a way!' Thanks  Luka for the hint and great game!"


(The below video is a complete walkthrough with secret room and ending with roleplay commentary from "The Voice". Don't forget to support the developer and if you enjoyed the video like and subscribe for more indie horror.) 

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"I felt an instant connection to The Reck, as if our hearts beat as one. Of course I had to play hard to get and yet every time we were near my pulse would quicken. Sadly it was not meant to be but The Reck will always have my heart and some day I hope we are reunited." 


(The below video is a complete walkthrough with ENDING and roleplay commentary from "The Voice". Don't forget to support the developer and if you enjoyed the video like and subscribe for more indie horror.) 

Thank you sooo much for donation and this video <3 U just made my day <333 omg ^^ thank you sooo much!! ^^ <3

You deserve it. You made a great game! The game play and puzzles were hard and well thought out. The monster was great as well although another way to escape if your trapped back in the smaller rooms might be good (maybe if your hearts not beating fast and you turn the light off in time it will leave?) Question: is there anything that can be done with the red statue at the moment or anything I missed? I’m looking for an excuse to play more. Please keep it up. Can’t wait to play the full game.


The Reck doesn't see, he actually only hears things. So turning light off wont effect him cause he can still like hear and sense your heartbeat.

That little red figure is actually a little man dabbing and its kinda useless right now, for now it only opens that mystery locked door ^^

And thanks again for everything <3

This game is Insane man, It got me ;( 


this was really good! :D very hard and i got so far in this and just could not survive :( other than that great job on making this game :D 

Thanks for recording my game <3 ^^ Just a little tip, to unlock that locked door you need to find a Blue Key ^^ That key is located in the room where bookshelf is flipped on the ground xD

awesome advice! thankyou so much! :D 

I gave it a shot! Check out video =)

I didn't get very far, but it was pretty cool. The buttons on the safe seem to be a little off, hitting 4 for me would input 7.

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Hahahaha very cool video! ^^ And thanks for playing my gameee <3 ^^

lol no problem, it was fun

Really good game ! :D I'd like to see more games like this on itch.io.. There's not many games where you're conscious of being chased anymore  

Thanks for playing it <3 ^^

I really enjoyed this game the looks and sounds am good i didn't pass any of the puzzles or survive 😟but next time I will 😉👍 if you would like to see me my attempt here it is enjoy: 

Hahahaha i really enjoyed your video! Thanks for playing it also ^^

o porto é teletubis

no lo pude seguir muy bueno casi hago mierda los auriculares 


Te cagas todo

good idea


Thanks for recording our game ^^